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what is foresT THERAPY?

As a certified forest therapy guide, I facilitate the opportunity for you to connect with nature in a slow, authentic, and meaningful way.  A guided walk lasts between 1.5 - 3 hours.  It is unlike a hike in that we generally cover very short distances.  Nor is it a practice of learning the scientific names of flora and fauna.  Rather, we begin by activating the senses.  Then through a series of sensory invitations, you will engage mindfully with the natural surroundings.  This  awareness will incite curiosity and imagination, deepen or renew your relationship with nature, and experience the health benefits of the forest.  Each session finishes with a tea service steeped in locally foraged plants.

Forest therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to 'forest bathing.'  It originated in response to a noticed spike in auto-immune and stress-related illnesses.  Scientific data collected during these walks discovered many wonderful health benefits attributed to forest therapy including boosted immune function, improved cardiovascular and respiratory health, attention restoration and a reduction in stress and depression. 


The practice of forest bathing also helps us to remember that we are nature.  Many participants comment that they reconnect with what it felt like to be a child in the woods - carefree, curious, and full of wonder.  Please join me on my next walk to discover what this unique experience will be like for you.

"The forest is the therapist; the guide opens the door."

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What is Forest Therapy?


Relationship with Ourselves

When we slow down, with nothing preoccupying our minds, we encounter ourselves in a different way.



Enjoying Nature

Relationship with The-More-Than-Human World

What would it be like to experience each tree, each insect, each mountain as its own unique being?

Nature exploration

To learn more about the health benefits of forest therapy, visit

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Relationship with Time

When we have nowhere to be but this moment, it is then we may feel fully alive.

Swimming in Natural Hot Spring
Health Benefits


Forest Therapy walks can be booked privately for individuals, couples, or groups up to 20 people.   Rates will be determined by group size, location, and length of event.


Maybe consider forest bathing as an alternative for a date night, girls night out, bachelor/bachelorette gathering, or a team building event for your workplace.  

Private Bookings
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