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It's Spring, so...

It’s spring, so, be here.


- to the melodious song of Foxie

- to the crackling of sunflower seeds as a Red Crossbill eats them directly from my hand

- to squeaking squirrels as they invade the bird feeders

- to distant chatter as more and more people walk up my street


- the morning heat on the back deck; a shared reading space

- the chill of lingering wintry days

- the prickles of old blossoms while pruning for the season

- the force of relentless wind

- the sliminess of suet as I refill the feeder


- how the flurry of activity in nature is magnified during the stillness when the wind ceases to blow

- the heads of seedlings emerging in their pots on the sill of the south-facing window in the sunroom

- the brightest of yellows as the colour of the male American Goldfinch returns

- the fancy footwork of a Fox Sparrow eating the orts on the ground

- the buds at the tip of our maple trees

- how the purple, yellow, and white crocuses planted nearest the house are in full bloom; while others on the lawn still refuse to brave the cold temperatures

- the sporadic return of Purple Finches


- the earthy soil and compost while repotting houseplants, finally having warm enough days to do it outside

- the ocean air as nicer days invite more coastal walks

- the sweetness and smokiness of boiling sap


- the variety of flavours from new recipes with an abundance of time to try them

- the new fruity ales from local breweries

- the first, second, and third batches of homemade maple syrup


- how your own rejuvenation, rebirth, and renewal are also blossoming; tend to it, delicately

- aliveness - just from being outside

- geocaches! Anywhere! Everywhere!

- yourself.

It’s spring.

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