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My Chai Latte and Me

I like to write. I am not what I would call a good writer. I just enjoy the process and seeing what my soul has to say if I allow it a voice. So, I signed up for Morning Coffee Sessions with Firefly Creative Writing. They are wonderful and have many resources available for writers of all stages. This week they are doing Morning Coffee Sessions. The host gives you a writing prompt, you write for 20 minutes, she stops you, reads a poem, and it's done. It's lovely. There were over 130 people online this morning doing it together! I love feeling that sense of community right now. As a pre-writing task today, we had to share an object in our immediate environment that reflected our current mood. Mine was my chai latte. When we started, the writing prompt was Today I am a… (insert object you chose). My first thought was...Today I am a chai latte?? Wait. Let me change my object. But I didn't. Who knew I could write pages about a chai latte! What came from it was very interesting. I learned that how much I enjoy a chai latte runs far deeper than I ever would have imagined. This poem is a condensed version of the pages I wrote.

My Chai Latte and Me

The mug a walk through the forest

The frothy top a cozy blanket

The tea full of earthy flavours

Cinnamon. Cardamon. Cloves.

Each sip satisfies my soul.

Awakens it.

I am






Making moments to remember.

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