What is Life Coaching?

To know if life coaching is right for you, it is critical to understand the role of a life coach.  A life coach is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, mentor, or counsellor.  In short, these respected healthcare professionals help clients work through past traumas and experiences that prevent the client from moving forward.  Or, in the case of a mentor, gives valuable advice based on their own experiences.  A certified life coach is not a healthcare professional, but a trained professional who meets clients where they are, helps them to identify goals that will enhance their quality of life, and co-creates an action plan to promote their unique personal and/or professional growth.  The client is viewed as the expert on their life and is believed to be competent, capable, creative, and resourceful.  Life Coaching is a whole-person, client-centered approach to moving forward and being excited about your life!  

As your Life Coach I will:

  • Demonstrate integrity, trust, and respect

  • Focus solely on your agenda

  • Listen effectively

  • Keep promises

  • Mirror your words and actions

  • Help you to become more self aware

  • Ask questions that help move you towards your goals 

  • Suggest resources and tools to help you

  • Work with you at your pace

  • Offer a non-judgemental safe space for you

  • Support you

  • Follow the core competencies of life coaching as outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • respect the ICF code of ethics

As your Life Coach I will not:

  • Assume the role of other professionals (counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist, mentor, etc...)

  • Tell you what to do or what you should do

  • Share my opinions

  • Make decisions for you

  • Tell my own stories

These sessions are designed for YOU!​


What to Expect:

  • Together we will determine if we are a good fit for each other during a complimentary 30 minute consultation.  Compatibility is crucial to the process.

  • You will complete an intake form that will lead our discussion during our first session.  This will help guide our approach for your current goals.

  • During our first session we will both sign a confidentiality waiver.  Our sessions are strictly confidential. If working online, I can send you a pdf.

  • Clients and coaches commit to a working relationship in which both parties are equal partners.  We will design a coaching agreement together t that will also be signed.

  • From there, your goals, desires, and level of commitment will set the path for our consequent sessions.  You will be expected to follow through on agreed-upon goals between sessions. 

  • The frequency of sessions is unique to individual clients.  It will depend on how much time you feel you need to experiment with the goals we set together.

  • For new clients, a commitment to three sessions is recommended. 

  • Your potential is yours!  

Let's get started! 


Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Let me take you there!