Is Life Coaching for You?

I believe in the transformational power of life coaching.  I have experienced it firsthand as a coach and a client. Below are some common reasons why people hire life coaches, but anyone can benefit from life coaching if they are open to change, willing to be honest in a safe environment, and ready to commit to the process.  Much like someone who hires a personal trainer to improve physical fitness, a dietician to have a more balanced diet, or takes art lessons to learn to paint better, a life coach is that support for areas of your life where you need some help and encouragement.  It's about mapping out your short or long term future in a way that makes you feel alive!  

Life coaching is for you if:

  • you want to find your alive

  • you could benefit from a space that’s just for you

  • you are curious to explore what else might be in store for you

  • you would like to change an undesirable behaviour

  • you would like to explore some strong emotions

  • you need a change in your career

  • you have a big decision to make

  • you would like tools to improve a relationship

  • you feel stuck or overwhelmed

  • you feel there are obstacles preventing you from achieving what you truly desire

  • you are open to change

  • you are willing to share openly and honestly

  • something on this list has excited you

Still not sure if a Life Coach is for you?  Let’s have a complimentary 30 minute telephone or online consultation to see if there’s something for you to pursue. 


Common Misconceptions

Statements I have I heard people say:

  1. "Life coaching is only for people who need to get their life on track."

I believe life coaching is also beneficial to people who are quite happy and satisfied in their current lives.  I profoundly benefited from coaching during my training.  I was not in a space in my life where I felt I needed direction.  However, having the space to unpack and understand the current and past events and emotions that impact my day-to-day decision making was quite therapeutic.  Furthermore, as I built a trusted relationship with my coach, we were able to delve deeper into beliefs that were guiding my life choices.  We challenged some of those beliefs and it was incredibly liberating to realize that I had the courage and the power to improve my life, even though I thought it was already pretty darned good.  

2. "A Life coach is just like a good friend."

Life coaching is quite different from a conversation with a trusted friend.  First and foremost, the space available to you with a life coach is strictly yours.  Coaches do not offer their opinions, interrupt your thoughts, or tell their own stories.  These are quite natural occurrences in a two-way conversation.  I am trained to listen intuitively, ask provoking questions, challenge your assumptions, and allow you the space and support to reach your own conclusions.  I will mirror what you say and reframe what I hear in an effort to help you become more self aware and see your life from a new angle.  I will sit comfortably in the silence you need to process your own life, in your time, at your pace.  My goal is to get you excited about being alive!  

3. A life coach will tell me what I need to do.

This misconception came to light when someone said, "I don’t need to get into the psychological stuff, I just want someone to tell me how to lose weight.”

Sometimes we are not aware of the power our thoughts and beliefs have on our actions. Our inner critic is often our biggest obstacle and we work hard to avoid having to challenge it.  Life coaching is designed to help you achieve your goals, while also exploring the complexities involved in getting there.  We will set goals, create action plans, and analyze progress together, but not without sitting with the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that prevent us from living our truest self.  We will aim to make positive changes in your life while empowering you to do the work on your own.  I will not tell you what to do.  I believe you already have the skills to make your own choices.  I will try to guide you there. 


Find Your Alive

Your Life, Reimagined